Getting The Best Of Weight Loss Diet Tips

Getting The Best Of Weight Loss Diet Tips

Getting the weight you want in a short period of time is extremely unhealthy but at times it is a desperate attempt to get what you want in life. Extreme diet is needed to have experience an extreme weight loss in a shot time.

Some may say that a lot of exercise and diet programs can work mainly due to the concept of refraining yourself of eating but if it is only for a few days, it might work. It all depends on your motivation and mental endurance to lose weight fast.

With the diet tips shared below, you do not have to starve yourself to death just to lose weight but rather the diets can be satisfying meals that you will feel full after eating.

Snacking is an important way to keep you from binging on big meals. Plan a 3 meal and 2 snacks (before lunch and dinner) each day. You can snack on low calorie yogurts of puddings that can be as low as 100 calories. Eating 8 dried apricot or a cup of blueberries (other a mixed of berries with one ounce of whipped cream is an option to consider too.

A famous fitness and weight loss celebrity coach Chris Powell recommends a seven day carb cycle plan which is his trademark in helping people to lose weight. It is all about meeting an average consumption of food with calories amounting to 1,500 a day for men and 1,200 a day for women. On high carb day (other people calls it cheat days), you can double the calories consumed.

During these days of extreme dieting on low carbohydrate meals, you tend to have cravings for more food. You can try to avoid yourself from surrendering to this craving by chewing sugar free mints gum as it helps to keep your mouth chewing extremely low calorie gum to keep yourself distracted from the craving.

Taking psyllium fiber pills (that is can be purchased at grocery or health food stores) is another option you can take to before having a meal as it makes you feel full longer.

Drinking flavored water really helps to reduce those cravings as the enjoyment of the taste of this water will trick your brain to think less of food. Adding Basel or Mints with lemon or Stevia leaves can easily make flavored water. Stevia is becoming a popular sugar substitute as it has negligible calories.

Put some effort to construct a low carb meal is definitely part of extreme

weight loss diet to control what you eat. Low carb diet may consist of tasty food like hamburgers (minus the bun), grilled chicken wings, bacon and eggs! Eating them in right proportion and once or twice a week will be great in your diet plan for weight loss.

Water Fasting For Weight Loss

Water Fasting For Weight Loss

Imagine losing body weight without any exercises. I know it is very surprising to hear this. You can achieve this without having to use any pills though. All you need to do is go on water fasting and that is it. Some people may be asking, why do the exercises if we can even lose weight without any physical effort? If you want to burn as much body fat as possible, then you will have to exercise.

Many people may want to lose their weight as fast as possible. This is not safe for your body in any way. In ‘push yourself thin’, the author proved that he could lose 19.5 pounds (8.8 kilograms) in just 24 hours. These results were achieved through exercising in intense heat in order to sweat a lot. Despite the fact that this is possible the safest way is to lose weight within a time limit of 7 days.

To help you achieve your weight loss goals, here are some tips from a nutritionist and fitness expert. Just include them into your program and wait to see the results in only 7 days. If you feel that these tips are not challenging you beyond your comfort zone, you are free to tackle a few more. Start now and by the same time next week, you will be in for a surprise.


Before fasting, you need to begin eating lightly for several days. This is to help your system slow down and begin cleansing without complete deprivation. These light meals include raw fruits and vegetables, brown rice and small servings of lean protein.

The extra fiber will help your system move smoothly during the fasting process. Set aside 1-3 days in which you do not undertake any strenuous physical activity or make important decisions. Although exercises do help in burning extra fat, do not exercise during this period.

Drink water

Water has no calories and carbs and little to no sodium content at all. This makes the number one choice for weight loss. Additionally, water will help flush out excess water weight as most of your body weight is made up of water. Water can also help your metabolism. If you find this boring to you, why not add mint leaves or lemon wedges into the water?

The other popular drinks like a sports or energy drink, light beer, and fruit smoothie contain 100 calories in each serving. The surprising part is that these calories cannot satisfy the body as the same amount of calories found in food making them a waste. The other fact is that some of these drinks have a high sodium and carbohydrate rate which makes your body retain water making you puff out.

Drink coffee an hour before working out

The reason we have decided to add coffee into your workout routine is because coffee will make your body more energetic during your workouts. You can take your coffee in either of these two ways: black which contains just 5 calories or add skim milk containing 11 calories. According to Dr. Klauer, coffee will make you push your body beyond the comfort zone making you burn more calories.

Eat salmon for lunch

Apart from helping you in building the muscle tone, eating salmon helps your skin get that natural and healthy glow. Nutritionists have claimed that taking any portion of salmon makes our face look a bit contoured.

Incorporate 30 push-ups and lunges into your daily routine

These two exercises work miraculously on your muscles. Have you ever asked yourself why your gym class cannot be complete without these two exercises? It is because they help sculpt your muscle giving you a more streamlined appearance. Do 3 sets of 12 for each of the two exercises daily. Larkin claims that the push-ups target your upper body while lunges work for thighs hips and butt. This makes the two exercises a full body workout.

TIP: During your push up, make sure that your back and legs are in a straight line to improve your muscle tone. You can also build more muscle with lunges if you hold free weights in each hand.

Take an antigas pill

As their name suggests, these chewable tablets help to break up gas bubbles, in your digestive tract and it also helps relieve bloating in your abdomen. This will help you have a flat tummy. These drugs are sold over the counter in drug stores.

Weight loss Success With America Ferrera

Weight loss Success With America Ferrera

If you turn on the TV, listen to the radio or pick up a magazine you have probably noticed that well known Hollywood actress America Ferrera has lost weight very quickly. America Ferrera who is best known for her role as Betty Suarez on ABC’s comedy-drama series Ugly Betty has quickly become the center of media, fan and glamor attention thanks to her impressive weight loss.

America Ferrera claims that she was never comfortable in her own skin and never found her legs attractive, she stated that she could not recall having ever worn a bathing suit in a public setting, the only time she may have considered wearing one would have been if she was in a land far far away like the Bahamas maybe, somewhere were she knew she would never see the people around her again.

America Ferrera experienced many of the same fears, concerns and frustrations that many people struggling to shed those extra pounds feel and even confesses to experiencing leftover body insecurities after her astounding weight loss. FInding happiness in her successful weight loss America Ferrera offers her top five weight loss tips and pointers in hopes that you to can lose weight as she did.

Set a Defined Goal

America Ferreras first tip is to have a goal, to clearly know how much weight you aim to lose. Having a clearly defined target helps you stay focused on that target weight in order to achieve your weight loss goals quickly and efficiently.

Stay Away From the Scale

Tip number two is avoid weighing yourself too often. Weight loss is not achieved from one day to the next, it is a process that takes time as well as adhering to specific dietary and exercise guidelines to achieve. America Ferrera suggest you weigh yourself once a week or even bi-weekly in order to monitor your success properly and avoid feeling unnecessarily discouraged or frustrated.

Take Your Measurements

Tip three is to keep track of your body measurements. Many times we do not see that our body size is diminishing and that we are indeed losing weight but by properly measuring your chest, thighs, waist, hips, arms etc. we can see and keep track of the progress we are making in our weight and size loss.

Eat Regularly

Many people do not realise that skipping meals and not following a healthy yet balanced diet will not only make weight loss more difficult but can also be detrimental to your health. When you do not eat regular balanced meals your body begins to store fat afraid that it is starving and this is counterproductive to weight loss and can cause health problems that may lead to death. Adhering to a healthy and balanced diet full of fresh vegetables, healthy proteins, fruits and even green tea is far more productive to weight loss then skipping meals or starving yourself altogether.

Drink Water

The last tip America Ferrera offers is to drink plenty of water. Water not only hydrates you but it also boosts your digestive and metabolic systems and helps you feel and look fresh and cheery all day.

So remember to have defined goals to work towards, avoid stepping on the scale daily, keep track of your body measurements, eat regularly and healthy and drink plenty of water and you will begin to see results. Remember that these tips should also be accompanied by a daily exercise in order to bring about the best results, stick to these five tips awhile exercising and like America Ferrera you to will lose weight in no time.”

Motivation and Weight Loss

Motivation and Weight Loss

Getting motivated to lose weight is the opposite of self-indulgence, which is defined as self-pity. It helps us to act in accord with our thinking rather than our feelings. Your motivation to get rid of the unwanted weight is purely a realm of the mind and it is in reality that weight loss really occurs.

So how does one achieve the motivation to lose weight? One’s behavior has to change, and one’s desires and wants will direct this behavior in a positive way. So to achieve weight loss motivation one needs to want to lose weight, to change this want to a strong desire, and then to visualize the end result, and all of these inner feelings will give us a very strong and effective motivation to lose weight.

Motivations to reach your goal is near you, you may not feel it but it will always be there. The strength of motivation to continue in your weight loss plan comes in changing any bad habits that is externally or internally driven; you are pulling or pushing. It has the mindset that you will lose so many pounds, and then you can go back eating what you want.

Short-term effects come from push, usually with an escape clause. Having the mental strength to lose weight is not always easy, thanks to the fact that many times you simply don’t want to do the things you need to do to lose weight. Losing weight is never easy, and many people have a much harder time to shed weight than others.

If you are finding that you are having a hard time getting the mental strength to lose weight just do as much as possible to increase your motivation to get off your rear and get in shape. The attitude of motivation to push yourself to lose weight begins the instant you wake up. It will start your day off with the right mindset and in a great way.

The core ingredient to this mind set is simply this: “You are truly making a real decision by choice, through positive reinforcement, that you are worthy it and grateful that your daily effort will reduce your unwanted fat. The desire and commitment to will never be fruitful unless you really believe you are worthy. Loving yourself is always a good thing.

The following are some interesting motivation for weight loss: both life insurance and health insurance are cheaper for healthy people and able to maintain a standard weight. Slimmer, healthy people generally need less medication and encounter fewer hospital stays and surgeries than obese people.

When you imagine those types of “motivation to lose weight” things, PICTURE yourself looking how you want to look, feeling how you want to feel, the sounds, the smells, everything that you want to make that picture as real as possible.

Well, there you got it. These are tips of some of the best methods to get motivation to lose weight. Just remember, you should always try to be in control of yourself and not make your circumstances get the better of you. Try to do exercises that you like and be creative with your diet meal plans. Weight loss is not a punishment. It is a gradual process towards gaining better longevity and health.

Juicing to Lose Weight

Juicing to Lose Weight

Moving on with your weight loss plan is something that demands commitment and determination. Juicing is one of the best ways to help you along the way. Knowing some simple knowledge about our vegetables will give you that extra boost to lose your weight healthily and successfully.

Juices contains huge amount of micro-nutrients and extremely low in calories. The best thing about juices is it has zero fat in them. The richness of minerals, vitamins and enzymes makes it as appetite suppressant in addition to providing you all the essential nutrients, thus ensuring your success in weight lose.

When you are looking for juicing recipes to help you to lose weight, keep in mind to get recipes that has vegetables of the family of Brassicaceae, also known as cruciferous vegetables. Vegetables like cabbage, bok choy, cauliflower, garden cress, broccoli, kale and brussels sprouts belong to this family.

These vegetables that rich in phytonutrients contains Indole-3-Carinal (I3C) and Diindolylmethane (DIM), helps to improve your metabolism, hormonal balancing, blood sugar level and most importantly, body fat reduction.

Besides getting the benefits of fat reduction, you too enjoys other benefits like keeping cancer away and promote the body’s resistant to xenoestrogens; a chemical that is known as hormone disruptors by mimicking effect of our body’s estrogen. Estrogen hormone is known to affect our fat storage and with xenoestrogens, our bodies tend to store more fat than it should. This chemical is one of the culprits that hinders in your effort to lose weight.

These vegetables contributes to help some enzymes in your perform optimally in your body by assisting the liver detoxification. Cruciferous vegetables is known to contain a variety of nutrients and phytonutrients in high dosage for sustaining a healthy body.

With all the benefits for juicing with cruciferous vegetables, remember to add any of these vegetables. Below is a list of these wonderful veggies:

The most important step to take is take action! Go get the good stuff to boost your weight loss effort. One last thing to know is to dilute the juice when you are juicing with these vegetables, as they are quite potent. It is best to consult your doctor if you have any ailment especially gallbladder or kidney problems.

So, get juicing!

Losing Weight by Drinking water

Losing Weight by Drinking water.

Getting rid off your extra weight is challenging. Knowing how much of water to drink will help you in every way to lose weight. Water makes up as much as 73% in the human body and it is not surprised to know that water weight makes up a significant portion of your total weight. It is obvious that when we go on a weight loss plan, it is not wise to reduce the amount of water consumed, as it is needed to get your digestion system to break down food properly.

Some may think that drinking a lot of water will help them to lose weight through suppressing the hunger by bloating their stomach with water rather than food. This may help in the short term but eventually you will start to crave for real delicious food and over indulge in eating.

Water is the giver of life to your body as it keeps your kidneys operating smoothly and prevents the body being constipated. Growth of kidney stones is result of persistent insufficient water consumption due to build up of minerals and calcium in your urine, making your body more difficult to filter out. It is important to drink enough water during your weight loss journey.

So, back to the question of “How much water should you drink to lose weight?”; the general rule of thumb of 8 glasses of water a day doesn’t really work for everyone. It boils down to individual physique such as weight and size combined with the level of activity. For more accurate way of knowing how much water to drink, calculate the amount you need by following the below simple steps:

Step 1: Weigh yourself.

Amount of water needed varies with each person’s weight.

Step 2: Calculate 66% of your weight.

For example, if the measured weight at Step 1 is 100 pounds, 66% of 100 pounds is 66 pounds which is about two third of your body weight. By now, you can conclude 66 ounces will be amount of water you need to drink in a day.

Step 3: Determine your activity level.

When you are on a weight loss plan with high workout activities, you will be sweating a lot in a day. Add twelve ounces of water to your deduced water intake at step 2 for every 30 minutes of exercise done. As an example if you workout an hour a day, just add 24 ounces to 66 ounces of water needed in a day which equals to 90 ounces of water.

A good way to make sure you drink the amount of water needed in a day, make a habit by taking a glass of water when you wake in the morning and another glass before leaving for work. Drink two glasses before each meal or one glass before and after each meal. By after dinner, you would have taken 8 glasses, which makes up to 64 ounces of water if each glass is an 8-ounce glass.

If you do find yourself avoiding drink water due to its plain boring tasteless nature, you can add some healthy flavoring with lime, fruit slices or fresh lemon. Some people add thyme or basil recreate the plain old water to a flavorful drink that is healthy and more importantly no sugar.

Inspiration To Your Weight Loss Journey

An Inspiration To Your Weight Loss Journey

It is inspirational to read success of a celebrity that you adore and love. Her weight-loss success stories while being a Weight Watcher spokesperson truly encourages many people in their struggle to lose that excess weight.

Back in 2009, after giving birth to her son, Jennifer Hudson took a serious decision to lose that baby fat and a totally out-of-mind psychology to maintain her new figure. She would throw pancakes flying across a room to avoid the temptation of food that she loves to eat.

Jennifer Hudson takes an out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach to maintaining her trim physique. Watching what she eats is extremely important as she doesn’t exercise much and only being active in her lifestyle to keep that excess fat from coming back.

The actress and Oscar singer surprised her fans with her superb bikini selfie on Instagram recently after losing 80 pounds. Her recent interview with Yahoo! Style, she highlighted that her summer goal is to show off her swimming suit and of course, her newly trimmed figure.

Her journey to losing weight is all about understanding that deprivation of her favorite foods will not work for her. Hudson’s philosophy is strict control of diet is “Like holding your breath, eventually you have to gasp for air! You are going to fail and indulge in food”. She finally made a decision to join Weight Watchers to help her in staying healthy and committed to her weight loss plan. After several years, she managed to reduce her weight by 80 pounds and eventually became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

With Weight Watchers, she understood the importance of measuring her portions on what to eat and knowing what put into the body. Jennifer Hudson clearly practices “Taking baby steps” concept to let it work for her to reduce her weight. Being positive and smart in situation where you are left with none healthy food available, where hamburgers is the only meal, she will control her portion size.

Staying motivated is another key point that she shared with her fans about how her desire to be the best and stay the best possible mom for her son kept her motivated to be committed to her diet. Her biggest challenge was to maintain her new figure and keeping that excess weight off. During her recent interviews, she felt for women’s struggles of growing up with unhealthy habits and foods.

Hudson has engaged Harley Pasternak, a famous workout coach who had help many celebrities to get in shape with effective short workouts. Harley’s 25-minutes session is famous to be a short and efficient exercise routines to get fat off and stay off. The 25-minutes workouts consists of simple routines that follows a 5 minutes of cardio, followed by fifteen minutes of strength training, and finally, 5 minutes of cardio. Jogging or jumping hacks are examples of cardio workouts that you can use at the beginning and ending of his famous 25-minutes workouts.

The Source of Endurance To Weight Loss : Motivation

The Source of Endurance To Weight Loss : Motivation

Getting and staying motivated is the soul to losing weight. Your mental endurance is the key to keep on exercising and maintaining your diet plan. Keeping the motivational drive going is very important and by preventing it from losing momentum will help you reaching your weight loss goal. You don’t have to be highly motivated all the time but staying motivated is crucial.

Negative thoughts are one of the common factors that drain your motivation and most people see this waning in motivation as failure but in fact, it is not. Take a break from your diet and workout plan but having a day off is what weight coaches called Cheat days where you can eat anything you want for one meal in that day only. This will allow your motivation levels to run its natural flow as it has a natural rhythm for you to stay on track. The goal is to keep your motivation level from running out, not at high levels all the time.

You will be on the right path to achieve your weight lose goal if you have the right attitude before you embark on your weight loss plan. Having a long-term goal is having the right attitude to slimming down as it helps to be emotionally ready to go forward the challenging journey.

Here are the all time proven 5 Steps to get you staying motivated to lose weight:

Step 1:

Ask yourself the questions below:

A. Did I start the weight loss journey because I wanted to or being pressured by other people? Knowing your true reason will keep your motivated as inner motivation has a much more drive than being driven by other people. Change your mindset to be your own inner reasons for losing weight by having a clear purpose of why you want to lose weight. Write down all the reasons for wanting to get rid for your excess weight will be your true inner motivation drive.

B. What if I stop by weight lose plan, how will fat my body be in 3 months from now? Asking this question will visualize your failure for giving up and nobody wants to be a failure.

C. Giving up now, what will my health deteriorate to?

Step 2:

Stay away from pictures of skinny models. In Netherlands, a research was done between two groups of women on weight loss plan. One group’s food journal came with photos of skinny models and another with neutral images. The latter group lost weight and the group with thin model pictures gained weight. The researchers found that images of these models create an unrealistic physiological standard that is impossible to achieve causing them to lose motivation. Seeing these images every day while logging what they had taken for their meals could have triggered a feeling of despair, as they could never achieve a self set standard of skinny models. Check out pictures of before and after weight loss pictures will be more realistic.

Step 3:

Use your Smartphone!

Instant boost of motivation easily done by just using weight-loss apps. There are an abundance of such apps on the Google play store or Apple store for you to download. When you are waning in motivational energy, you might need a little support to get from a buddy by using an app called Fitocracy. If you can’t or lost of ideas for a healthy recipe, download apps like BigOven, which gives you many ideas of what healthy food to cook.

Step 4:

Open an Instagram account.

Download an Instagram app and take a picture of you weekly progress. Pictures of you losing weight overtime is a major boost to your personal confidence and motivation by making your weight loss goal many steps nearer to reality. It is advisable to take photos after a wonderful healthy meal or a satisfying workout as a document of changes in your body overtime to remind yourself of the progress you had made overtime.

Step 5:

Give your friends money!

It may sound silly to give money away but it is for a good cause. Recruit five of your close friends and give them $30 each to buy a gift for you for every 5 pounds lost. The interval of weight loss gain should be determined up front where for each step of 5 pounds lost; one of your close friends will celebrate with you with a gift for a fun and surprising reward along your journey. This fun celebration can be plan with your meal during the cheat days.

Try Out These Face Slimming Steps

Puffy Face? Try Out These Face Slimming Steps.

Feeling your face is too fat? It’s time you might want to read on to lose some weight on your face. If you think about it in more in depth, trying to lose weight just on your face alone is quite impossible but there are many ways you can make your face look thinner.

Take on facial exercise. Here are some techniques you can use to exercise you face:

A. Stretch your facial muscles to widen your eyes and hold it for 15 seconds then stop for 10 seconds. Repeat this cycle 5 times.

B. Suck in your cheeks like the picture below. Repeat it 5 times


C. Breath in deeply using your mouth as much as you can take it, hold it for 5 seconds while puffing your cheeks. Repeat this for 30 times.

D. Smile every day and every time you see a person. It is the best way to get your facial muscles going as it takes 26 muscles to smile! So, hold your smile as long as possible and you might find your face becomes thinner in a flash.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol will helps your face from looking fat as alcohol leads to retention of water in your body and causing a chubby face. Continuous smoking will result in sagging and facial lines that makes your face look puffy.

Get rid of excess body fat is another great way to make your face thinner. Overall reduction in body weight helps, as it is quite impossible to lose weight on a particular part of the body without reducing your body weight. Take on a work-out plan to burn off that extra fat. Engage a dietician and a trainer will be a major boost in committing to your weight loss plan.

Drinking lots of water is an extremely important rule to follow. Water helps to flush out toxins in your body and reduces water retention. If your body thinks that there is insufficient available, it will make all effort to avoid dehydration by storing more water. Most of the excess water will stays at your face, making your eyes and cheeks puffy than usual.

Another thing to do is to reduce salt and sugar consumption. Water retention will likely happen and will make your face looks fatter. Refined salt and sugar in your food and drinks increases water intake in your body and eating less of it will definitely helps to make your face more lean.

Junk food is one of the major contributors and having less food like bacon, burgers, etc. will that reduce fat in your diet. Healthy snacking is the way to go as this simple habit between you meals makes you feel full and less craving for unhealthy food. Eat more portions of vegetable and fruits with other nutritious snacks.

Facial muscles sagging will make your face look fat and sleeping eight hours a day will prevent this. Bloated face and those panda eyes (dark rings around your eyes) can be avoid with sufficient sleep.

Try chewing gums as good excuse for facial exercise as chewing needs 8 muscles to move your mouth for you to enjoy your gum. Always remember to choose sugar-free gums, as sugar is not good for your weight lose diet.

One of the easiest ways to look less fat on your face is to use makeup. Knowing how to make up the right way will instantly make your face looks slimmer. In addition, you can use clay mask as it will keep your skin from sagging. Natural clay mask will help to pull your facial skin to prevent it from drooping due to less elasticity due to aging. Choose an organic clay mask to use once a week to help to tone up your face.

One last desperate action you can take is liposuction to lose facial weight. Fat can be reduced on your face using these modern tools to suck out the excess fat. When taking medication, you need to check if it causes water retention in your body. After spending a lot of money on liposuction, it does not help in having medication that makes you look fat due to water retention side effect.

The best way is still to lose weight the healthily by regular exercise and a good diet plan with a qualified dietitian to help you in your weight lose plan. Try to keep in mind losing weight on just a particular part of the body is not the healthy way to choose.

Diet Shake Recipes For Losing Weight

Diet Shake Recipes For Losing Weight

A great diet shake is the extremely delicious and satisfying during hot weather and when you know what ingredients to use to make it tasting great. Adding supplement to your diet shakes makes it even more satisfying when it becomes part of your weight loss diet.

There are many diet shake recipes out there but what makes it important for you is you can add any nutritional supplements that you want which you can experiment for fun to create a diet shake recipe that is yours. Such yummy creation is easy make when you know one easy to use ingredient is added.

Low-fat yogurt is the ingredient that is an all time favorite to easily add to diet shake recipes or smoothie that helps to make it healthy and delicious. Yogurt creates a wonderful creamy consistency to your smoothie and it is recommended to try it out immediately.

Take out your blender now and give the below top 5 all time favorite recipes a whirl with your blender:

Banana-Orange-Strawberry Combo Diet Shake Recipes

2 cups of orange juice

5 slices of bananas

1 cup of strawberries

1 cup of Ice

1 container of Strawberry-Banana Flavored low fat yogurt


Mango-Mandarin Orange Combo Diet Shake Recipes

2 cans of mandarin orange

2 mangoes; all cut up

1 cup of Ice

Protein Supplements as additional nutritional ingredients

(Amount as per your liking)

1 container of mango-flavored low fat yogurt

Very Berry Awesome Diet Shake Recipes

1 cup of cranberry juice

1 cup of apple juice

3 strawberries

3 blueberries

3 raspberries

1 banana

1 cup of Ice

One container of blueberry or strawberry low fat yogurt

1 cup of cut up frozen banana

1 teaspoonful of vanilla

1 cup of skim milk

1 teaspoonful of Splenda

1 teaspoonful of cocoa powder

1 container of plane or vanilla low fat yogurt

Mocha Diet Shake Recipes

1-teaspoon instant coffee

1 teaspoon cocoa powder

1 teaspoon of Splenda

1 cup of Ice

1 container of vanilla or plain low fat yogurt

Powder protein supplement (Amount as per your liking)

Enjoy your diet shakes and the best of all, the procedure is the same for all recipes; drop all the items into a blender and just whirl them up. It’s as easy as A, B, C! Blend the ingredients till you reach a consistency of your desires and choose your favorite glass to make it enjoyable when you drink it. Here you have your healthy, homemade and nutritional diet shake drink, which is delicious and best of all, helps you to lose weight.