Diet Shake Recipes For Losing Weight

Diet Shake Recipes For Losing Weight

A great diet shake is the extremely delicious and satisfying during hot weather and when you know what ingredients to use to make it tasting great. Adding supplement to your diet shakes makes it even more satisfying when it becomes part of your weight loss diet.

There are many diet shake recipes out there but what makes it important for you is you can add any nutritional supplements that you want which you can experiment for fun to create a diet shake recipe that is yours. Such yummy creation is easy make when you know one easy to use ingredient is added.

Low-fat yogurt is the ingredient that is an all time favorite to easily add to diet shake recipes or smoothie that helps to make it healthy and delicious. Yogurt creates a wonderful creamy consistency to your smoothie and it is recommended to try it out immediately.

Take out your blender now and give the below top 5 all time favorite recipes a whirl with your blender:

Banana-Orange-Strawberry Combo Diet Shake Recipes

2 cups of orange juice

5 slices of bananas

1 cup of strawberries

1 cup of Ice

1 container of Strawberry-Banana Flavored low fat yogurt


Mango-Mandarin Orange Combo Diet Shake Recipes

2 cans of mandarin orange

2 mangoes; all cut up

1 cup of Ice

Protein Supplements as additional nutritional ingredients

(Amount as per your liking)

1 container of mango-flavored low fat yogurt

Very Berry Awesome Diet Shake Recipes

1 cup of cranberry juice

1 cup of apple juice

3 strawberries

3 blueberries

3 raspberries

1 banana

1 cup of Ice

One container of blueberry or strawberry low fat yogurt

1 cup of cut up frozen banana

1 teaspoonful of vanilla

1 cup of skim milk

1 teaspoonful of Splenda

1 teaspoonful of cocoa powder

1 container of plane or vanilla low fat yogurt

Mocha Diet Shake Recipes

1-teaspoon instant coffee

1 teaspoon cocoa powder

1 teaspoon of Splenda

1 cup of Ice

1 container of vanilla or plain low fat yogurt

Powder protein supplement (Amount as per your liking)

Enjoy your diet shakes and the best of all, the procedure is the same for all recipes; drop all the items into a blender and just whirl them up. It’s as easy as A, B, C! Blend the ingredients till you reach a consistency of your desires and choose your favorite glass to make it enjoyable when you drink it. Here you have your healthy, homemade and nutritional diet shake drink, which is delicious and best of all, helps you to lose weight.