Getting Motivated From Your Weight Loss Pictures

Motivational Weight Loss Pictures

Taking the first step on the path to losing weight is a rewarding journey and yet, a challenging one. Frequent motivation definitely helps to push yourself in maintaining your weight loss commitment. On the of the best way is to check out weight loss success stories of their amazing journey and the before and after pictures will definitely be an inspiring one.

Either they trained for a marathon or stuck with low calories meals, all of them succeeded their feel-great weight destination. Reading these success stories, will help you choose your own direction and you are on your way to creating your successful I did it! too stories.


You too can be part of these success stories simply by asking yourself the below to be a part of these success stories :

1. Think of the date or possible the time that you became unhappy of your weight?
– Take your time to think of the events in your life that made you unhappy with your body size.

2. What triggered you to take on the challenge to lose weight?
– It can be an incident or experience in your life that you met someone had a disease, like diabetic, or heart attack due to being over weight.

3. Define the most important change that you took make to lose weight.
– Did you do some research or talked to a fitness consultant that you must change to help to lose weight. Perhaps taking on a paleo eating diet, or get a work out at the gym at least 3 days per week.

4. During the losing weight program, what was the most challenging moment?
– It could be changing a habit that results your increased in weight such as late night snacking or addition to fast food.

5. When did you start seeing the results and how long did it took?
– Some lost 20 pounds in 5 months and others 10 pounds in 2 months. Not only this loss in weight but a change in personal energy level.

6. How much did it take for you to achieve your current weight?
– Perhaps after 13 months, you lost 66 pounds?

7. Maintained your weight loss till the current day? How long you maintained it and how do you achieved this ?
– Share your stories of how you struggled and perhaps nearly gave up. Your personal story of this journey will be an inspiration to others.

8. What is your motivation that keeps you on your weight loss goal?
– A record of your weight loss keeps you motivated ? Or being in with a support group that keeps you going ? Some wants to develop a Six pack‚abs and seeing it developed becomes a motivation.

9. How and What has changed after your lost weight?
– Self confidence, higher energy level, changed in working habits are just examples of benefits gained.