Getting The Best Of Weight Loss Diet Tips

Getting The Best Of Weight Loss Diet Tips

Getting the weight you want in a short period of time is extremely unhealthy but at times it is a desperate attempt to get what you want in life. Extreme diet is needed to have experience an extreme weight loss in a shot time.

Some may say that a lot of exercise and diet programs can work mainly due to the concept of refraining yourself of eating but if it is only for a few days, it might work. It all depends on your motivation and mental endurance to lose weight fast.

With the diet tips shared below, you do not have to starve yourself to death just to lose weight but rather the diets can be satisfying meals that you will feel full after eating.

Snacking is an important way to keep you from binging on big meals. Plan a 3 meal and 2 snacks (before lunch and dinner) each day. You can snack on low calorie yogurts of puddings that can be as low as 100 calories. Eating 8 dried apricot or a cup of blueberries (other a mixed of berries with one ounce of whipped cream is an option to consider too.

A famous fitness and weight loss celebrity coach Chris Powell recommends a seven day carb cycle plan which is his trademark in helping people to lose weight. It is all about meeting an average consumption of food with calories amounting to 1,500 a day for men and 1,200 a day for women. On high carb day (other people calls it cheat days), you can double the calories consumed.

During these days of extreme dieting on low carbohydrate meals, you tend to have cravings for more food. You can try to avoid yourself from surrendering to this craving by chewing sugar free mints gum as it helps to keep your mouth chewing extremely low calorie gum to keep yourself distracted from the craving.

Taking psyllium fiber pills (that is can be purchased at grocery or health food stores) is another option you can take to before having a meal as it makes you feel full longer.

Drinking flavored water really helps to reduce those cravings as the enjoyment of the taste of this water will trick your brain to think less of food. Adding Basel or Mints with lemon or Stevia leaves can easily make flavored water. Stevia is becoming a popular sugar substitute as it has negligible calories.

Put some effort to construct a low carb meal is definitely part of extreme

weight loss diet to control what you eat. Low carb diet may consist of tasty food like hamburgers (minus the bun), grilled chicken wings, bacon and eggs! Eating them in right proportion and once or twice a week will be great in your diet plan for weight loss.