Getting The Bloated Feeling?

Getting the Bloated Feeling?

Perhaps you are, as some people have excess water resulting in water weight. This kind of excess water, allow these people to lose weight easily and most importantly, quickly. With dietary efforts, a much sleeker and slimmer appearance can be noticed. Keep in mind, losing fat needs persistence and time but a drop of unnecessarily body liquids gives you an encouraging reward for the efforts put in.

Note that this type of weight loss is temporary and very likely will come back after re-hydration. However, keeping a persistence healthy lifestyle will guarantee to keep it off. If you really need to wear that desired outfit for a special occasion, then with a strict diet of a day, you might lose up to 3 pounds on the next day.

Getting off to lose that water weight may need you to consider the below:

– Consume less salt

– Exercise with Cardio activities

– Eating Fiber and Protein

– Control intake of sugar

– Water, water, water, drink more of it

– Reducing your cortisol levels

– Taking natural diuretics

– Wrapping yourself with neoprene waist belt

– Drinking Coffee One Hour before exercise

1. Take less salt

Sodium or salt is the major reason you retain water. It is a known fact that men and women who take a high amount of salt dishes naturally experience bloating. The nature of H2O tends to attach to sodium as it’s commonly found in most foods. This doesn’t mean you avoid salt at all cost, as your body needs some amount of it to assist in retaining a balance in electrolyte, which permits your organs to work properly.

2. Take on Cardio Exercise Thirty Minutes a Day

Get your heart rate up burns more calories and any workout that does that helps your body to increase its metabolic rate. Try not to exceed 60 minutes, as it will increase your cortisol levels. Choose a cardio routine that involves several muscles simultaneously like cardio kickboxing, spinning and boot-camp workouts. 30 minutes of each easily burns off 200 to 300 calories and helps to tone up your body in areas of the arms and legs.

3. Eating fiber and protein rich foods while consuming less sugar.

Sugar is an annoyance of all diets. High sugar foods is most likely will make your body retains more adipose tissue and fat. Most of all, its high in calories and will give you cellulite. On the other hand, intake of high fiber and protein diet is good for your body.

Proteins supports muscle growth, which in turns increases metabolic rate resulting in burning of fat. Fiber helps in your digestive system, boosting its efficiency and contributes to weight loss.

4. Drink more Water

What!?? Drink more water?‚ You may scream out at this advice but it is true to get rid of unwanted water weight, drink the recommended daily amount. It has little or no salt, zero carbs and calories, making it to be the best diet drink. Interestingly, water assists the body in purging out excess water weight and kick-start your metabolism.

5. Lower your cortisol

Emotional and psychological state plays a very important role in the process of losing weight. Emotional turmoil, too much exercise and stress will cause your cortisol level to shoot up as its a hormone induced by stress that results in storage of fat. Reducing cortisol in your body can be done with activities like meditation, go for a leisure walk, laughter, reading a book or even spending time with someone special.

6. Consuming natural diuretics

Vegetables and fruits are excellent examples of sources of diuretics with antioxidants which get rids of free radicals. These are foods that naturally speed ups loss of water weight. Taking various types of herbs like parsley, fennel, ginger can help to reduce bloating too.

7. Neoprene waist belt wrapping

It is definitely another easy way to reduce weight. Neoprene waist belts often comes with Velcro closures to wrap around your waist where fabric on one side and another is a rubberized to fit closely to the body. Wearing it as often as possible to sweat out the excessive water in your body. Make sure its comfortable fitting to your waist and not too restrictive. If it becomes too hot, remove the belt.

8. Before exercise, drink coffee

An hour before working out, intake of coffee helps you to burn more calories without you realizing it. Caffeine will increase your metabolic rate while your exercise even the coffee comes with a splash of skim milk (which is only 11 calories).”