Inspiration To Your Weight Loss Journey

An Inspiration To Your Weight Loss Journey

It is inspirational to read success of a celebrity that you adore and love. Her weight-loss success stories while being a Weight Watcher spokesperson truly encourages many people in their struggle to lose that excess weight.

Back in 2009, after giving birth to her son, Jennifer Hudson took a serious decision to lose that baby fat and a totally out-of-mind psychology to maintain her new figure. She would throw pancakes flying across a room to avoid the temptation of food that she loves to eat.

Jennifer Hudson takes an out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach to maintaining her trim physique. Watching what she eats is extremely important as she doesn’t exercise much and only being active in her lifestyle to keep that excess fat from coming back.

The actress and Oscar singer surprised her fans with her superb bikini selfie on Instagram recently after losing 80 pounds. Her recent interview with Yahoo! Style, she highlighted that her summer goal is to show off her swimming suit and of course, her newly trimmed figure.

Her journey to losing weight is all about understanding that deprivation of her favorite foods will not work for her. Hudson’s philosophy is strict control of diet is “Like holding your breath, eventually you have to gasp for air! You are going to fail and indulge in food”. She finally made a decision to join Weight Watchers to help her in staying healthy and committed to her weight loss plan. After several years, she managed to reduce her weight by 80 pounds and eventually became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

With Weight Watchers, she understood the importance of measuring her portions on what to eat and knowing what put into the body. Jennifer Hudson clearly practices “Taking baby steps” concept to let it work for her to reduce her weight. Being positive and smart in situation where you are left with none healthy food available, where hamburgers is the only meal, she will control her portion size.

Staying motivated is another key point that she shared with her fans about how her desire to be the best and stay the best possible mom for her son kept her motivated to be committed to her diet. Her biggest challenge was to maintain her new figure and keeping that excess weight off. During her recent interviews, she felt for women’s struggles of growing up with unhealthy habits and foods.

Hudson has engaged Harley Pasternak, a famous workout coach who had help many celebrities to get in shape with effective short workouts. Harley’s 25-minutes session is famous to be a short and efficient exercise routines to get fat off and stay off. The 25-minutes workouts consists of simple routines that follows a 5 minutes of cardio, followed by fifteen minutes of strength training, and finally, 5 minutes of cardio. Jogging or jumping hacks are examples of cardio workouts that you can use at the beginning and ending of his famous 25-minutes workouts.