The Source of Endurance To Weight Loss : Motivation

The Source of Endurance To Weight Loss : Motivation

Getting and staying motivated is the soul to losing weight. Your mental endurance is the key to keep on exercising and maintaining your diet plan. Keeping the motivational drive going is very important and by preventing it from losing momentum will help you reaching your weight loss goal. You don’t have to be highly motivated all the time but staying motivated is crucial.

Negative thoughts are one of the common factors that drain your motivation and most people see this waning in motivation as failure but in fact, it is not. Take a break from your diet and workout plan but having a day off is what weight coaches called Cheat days where you can eat anything you want for one meal in that day only. This will allow your motivation levels to run its natural flow as it has a natural rhythm for you to stay on track. The goal is to keep your motivation level from running out, not at high levels all the time.

You will be on the right path to achieve your weight lose goal if you have the right attitude before you embark on your weight loss plan. Having a long-term goal is having the right attitude to slimming down as it helps to be emotionally ready to go forward the challenging journey.

Here are the all time proven 5 Steps to get you staying motivated to lose weight:

Step 1:

Ask yourself the questions below:

A. Did I start the weight loss journey because I wanted to or being pressured by other people? Knowing your true reason will keep your motivated as inner motivation has a much more drive than being driven by other people. Change your mindset to be your own inner reasons for losing weight by having a clear purpose of why you want to lose weight. Write down all the reasons for wanting to get rid for your excess weight will be your true inner motivation drive.

B. What if I stop by weight lose plan, how will fat my body be in 3 months from now? Asking this question will visualize your failure for giving up and nobody wants to be a failure.

C. Giving up now, what will my health deteriorate to?

Step 2:

Stay away from pictures of skinny models. In Netherlands, a research was done between two groups of women on weight loss plan. One group’s food journal came with photos of skinny models and another with neutral images. The latter group lost weight and the group with thin model pictures gained weight. The researchers found that images of these models create an unrealistic physiological standard that is impossible to achieve causing them to lose motivation. Seeing these images every day while logging what they had taken for their meals could have triggered a feeling of despair, as they could never achieve a self set standard of skinny models. Check out pictures of before and after weight loss pictures will be more realistic.

Step 3:

Use your Smartphone!

Instant boost of motivation easily done by just using weight-loss apps. There are an abundance of such apps on the Google play store or Apple store for you to download. When you are waning in motivational energy, you might need a little support to get from a buddy by using an app called Fitocracy. If you can’t or lost of ideas for a healthy recipe, download apps like BigOven, which gives you many ideas of what healthy food to cook.

Step 4:

Open an Instagram account.

Download an Instagram app and take a picture of you weekly progress. Pictures of you losing weight overtime is a major boost to your personal confidence and motivation by making your weight loss goal many steps nearer to reality. It is advisable to take photos after a wonderful healthy meal or a satisfying workout as a document of changes in your body overtime to remind yourself of the progress you had made overtime.

Step 5:

Give your friends money!

It may sound silly to give money away but it is for a good cause. Recruit five of your close friends and give them $30 each to buy a gift for you for every 5 pounds lost. The interval of weight loss gain should be determined up front where for each step of 5 pounds lost; one of your close friends will celebrate with you with a gift for a fun and surprising reward along your journey. This fun celebration can be plan with your meal during the cheat days.