Try Out These Face Slimming Steps

Puffy Face? Try Out These Face Slimming Steps.

Feeling your face is too fat? It’s time you might want to read on to lose some weight on your face. If you think about it in more in depth, trying to lose weight just on your face alone is quite impossible but there are many ways you can make your face look thinner.

Take on facial exercise. Here are some techniques you can use to exercise you face:

A. Stretch your facial muscles to widen your eyes and hold it for 15 seconds then stop for 10 seconds. Repeat this cycle 5 times.

B. Suck in your cheeks like the picture below. Repeat it 5 times


C. Breath in deeply using your mouth as much as you can take it, hold it for 5 seconds while puffing your cheeks. Repeat this for 30 times.

D. Smile every day and every time you see a person. It is the best way to get your facial muscles going as it takes 26 muscles to smile! So, hold your smile as long as possible and you might find your face becomes thinner in a flash.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol will helps your face from looking fat as alcohol leads to retention of water in your body and causing a chubby face. Continuous smoking will result in sagging and facial lines that makes your face look puffy.

Get rid of excess body fat is another great way to make your face thinner. Overall reduction in body weight helps, as it is quite impossible to lose weight on a particular part of the body without reducing your body weight. Take on a work-out plan to burn off that extra fat. Engage a dietician and a trainer will be a major boost in committing to your weight loss plan.

Drinking lots of water is an extremely important rule to follow. Water helps to flush out toxins in your body and reduces water retention. If your body thinks that there is insufficient available, it will make all effort to avoid dehydration by storing more water. Most of the excess water will stays at your face, making your eyes and cheeks puffy than usual.

Another thing to do is to reduce salt and sugar consumption. Water retention will likely happen and will make your face looks fatter. Refined salt and sugar in your food and drinks increases water intake in your body and eating less of it will definitely helps to make your face more lean.

Junk food is one of the major contributors and having less food like bacon, burgers, etc. will that reduce fat in your diet. Healthy snacking is the way to go as this simple habit between you meals makes you feel full and less craving for unhealthy food. Eat more portions of vegetable and fruits with other nutritious snacks.

Facial muscles sagging will make your face look fat and sleeping eight hours a day will prevent this. Bloated face and those panda eyes (dark rings around your eyes) can be avoid with sufficient sleep.

Try chewing gums as good excuse for facial exercise as chewing needs 8 muscles to move your mouth for you to enjoy your gum. Always remember to choose sugar-free gums, as sugar is not good for your weight lose diet.

One of the easiest ways to look less fat on your face is to use makeup. Knowing how to make up the right way will instantly make your face looks slimmer. In addition, you can use clay mask as it will keep your skin from sagging. Natural clay mask will help to pull your facial skin to prevent it from drooping due to less elasticity due to aging. Choose an organic clay mask to use once a week to help to tone up your face.

One last desperate action you can take is liposuction to lose facial weight. Fat can be reduced on your face using these modern tools to suck out the excess fat. When taking medication, you need to check if it causes water retention in your body. After spending a lot of money on liposuction, it does not help in having medication that makes you look fat due to water retention side effect.

The best way is still to lose weight the healthily by regular exercise and a good diet plan with a qualified dietitian to help you in your weight lose plan. Try to keep in mind losing weight on just a particular part of the body is not the healthy way to choose.