Weight Loss Challenge in 30 Days

Weight Loss Challenge in 30 Days

Everyday there are thousands of information bombarding us through social media with ads by weight loss companies stating you will lose ten, fifteen and even twenty pounds in a month if you follow their plan. It is tempting to get suckered by these ads especially that wedding, reunion, first date or any other important event is coming. The real question we should ask ourselves is how much weight can you really lose in a month?


In reality, in 30 days you can expect to lose 8 to 10 pounds if commit to a strict plan. Ridding off 1 pound of body fat is burning 3500 calories or consuming fewer calories. Achieving 2 pounds in a week, you are required to cut off 1,000 calories a day. This reduction in calories can be achieved by reducing calories intake per day or burning off during exercise.

Losing weight is an exact science as you have to make sure that your calories intake or burn off will give you a full 1,000 calories in a day from what is before. This is where gadgets and apps come into play to log your way to success.

Keeping track of everything that you swallow into your body is tedious but it’s an excellent way to let you know the times you become stressed and wallow into continuous overeating and snacking habit that piles up your calories consumed. Cutting down 1,000 calories a day can be daunting, but if you could look closer of your habits of adding that extra butter, bread, second helpings, snacks, etc., it is easy to take small changes to reach that daunting 1,000 calories.

Taking a broader perspective of this 1,000 calorie target, you can achieve it by going to the gym instead of only dieting. Working out towards the 1,000-calorie target, you can exercise 5 to 6 times a week. To get more precision of the calories burned, it is crucial to take into consideration of your weight, sex, your rate of exercise and its duration. For example, if you are 150 pounds, you can jog for 20 minutes at six miles per hour (burn off 229 calories), 30 minutes elliptical workout (179 calories) or breaststroke swimming for 30 minutes (189 calories).

Do some form of resistance training which combines four exercises that covers the shoulders, chest, legs and back. Exercises like chin ups, standing military press, bench press and from squat should do achieve these. Do at least two to three time per week.

Keeping a mindset of eating less, exercise more” may sound simple but it gives you the best results. Weight loss plans of losing twenty pounds in a month promised by certain companies, is expecting you to commit yourself on a crash diet and extreme exercise regime may cause you to eat less that your required calorie limit. It is best to check with your doctor before taking on these extreme plans and keep in mind that the recommended calorie consumption for men and women, is at least 1,800 and 1,200 per day.