Weight loss Success With America Ferrera

Weight loss Success With America Ferrera

If you turn on the TV, listen to the radio or pick up a magazine you have probably noticed that well known Hollywood actress America Ferrera has lost weight very quickly. America Ferrera who is best known for her role as Betty Suarez on ABC’s comedy-drama series Ugly Betty has quickly become the center of media, fan and glamor attention thanks to her impressive weight loss.

America Ferrera claims that she was never comfortable in her own skin and never found her legs attractive, she stated that she could not recall having ever worn a bathing suit in a public setting, the only time she may have considered wearing one would have been if she was in a land far far away like the Bahamas maybe, somewhere were she knew she would never see the people around her again.

America Ferrera experienced many of the same fears, concerns and frustrations that many people struggling to shed those extra pounds feel and even confesses to experiencing leftover body insecurities after her astounding weight loss. FInding happiness in her successful weight loss America Ferrera offers her top five weight loss tips and pointers in hopes that you to can lose weight as she did.

Set a Defined Goal

America Ferreras first tip is to have a goal, to clearly know how much weight you aim to lose. Having a clearly defined target helps you stay focused on that target weight in order to achieve your weight loss goals quickly and efficiently.

Stay Away From the Scale

Tip number two is avoid weighing yourself too often. Weight loss is not achieved from one day to the next, it is a process that takes time as well as adhering to specific dietary and exercise guidelines to achieve. America Ferrera suggest you weigh yourself once a week or even bi-weekly in order to monitor your success properly and avoid feeling unnecessarily discouraged or frustrated.

Take Your Measurements

Tip three is to keep track of your body measurements. Many times we do not see that our body size is diminishing and that we are indeed losing weight but by properly measuring your chest, thighs, waist, hips, arms etc. we can see and keep track of the progress we are making in our weight and size loss.

Eat Regularly

Many people do not realise that skipping meals and not following a healthy yet balanced diet will not only make weight loss more difficult but can also be detrimental to your health. When you do not eat regular balanced meals your body begins to store fat afraid that it is starving and this is counterproductive to weight loss and can cause health problems that may lead to death. Adhering to a healthy and balanced diet full of fresh vegetables, healthy proteins, fruits and even green tea is far more productive to weight loss then skipping meals or starving yourself altogether.

Drink Water

The last tip America Ferrera offers is to drink plenty of water. Water not only hydrates you but it also boosts your digestive and metabolic systems and helps you feel and look fresh and cheery all day.

So remember to have defined goals to work towards, avoid stepping on the scale daily, keep track of your body measurements, eat regularly and healthy and drink plenty of water and you will begin to see results. Remember that these tips should also be accompanied by a daily exercise in order to bring about the best results, stick to these five tips awhile exercising and like America Ferrera you to will lose weight in no time.”