Weight Lost Percentage Calculation

Weight Lost Percentage Calculation.

Do you need a quick and easy way to calculate how much percentage of weight loss? You will love this simple weight loss percentage calculator, as it’s easy to use. Simply by keying in the relevant information, you can know much percentage of weight loss.

It is very motivational to see the amount of percentage of weight disappear on your body after a challenging period of time and energy you put into exercising. It helps you to keep on track of your weight loss goal and making it easier for you to reach them. Below is an easy to use weight loss percentage calculator. Have fun !

If you are interested to exercise your mental muscle, below are 5 simple steps to calculate your percentage weight lost. But first, you will need a Scale and Calculator and follow the below steps.

Step One:

Write down your weight before beginning your weight-loss program.

Step Two:

Plan out a schedule to weigh with an interval of 7 days on the same scale at the same location as the initial weigh-in. In order to make sure there is consistency of the results, it is best to place the scale on the same floor and try to avoid placing on a carpeted floor.

Step Three:

Knowing your current weight, subtract it from your initial one. As an example, if your initial weighed results are 300 pounds and your current weight is 200 pounds, you have lost 100 pounds.

Step Four:

Use your calculator to divide the 100 pounds (the amount of weight lost) by your initial weight (which is 300 pounds in this example), you get 0.33

Step Five:

Use multiplication function on your calculator, multiply 0.33 by 100 and voila, the result is 33 percent which is your body weight lost!

If you are just interested to calculate how much weight you loss, just use the weight loss calculator below!